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A Historical and Exceptional Document

 “European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies”
Influence of Zarathushtra in the World
By H. Em. Le Cardinal Franz Koenig
Archbishop of Vienna


On the 24th October 1976 an unforgettable speech was delivered in the University of Teheran in front of a selected audience of some three hundred people, made up of respected specialists in the field, the prelates of the Catholic Church in Iran and a number of cultural and political western personalities.
The speaker was His Eminence the Cardinal Franz Koenig, the archbishop of Vienna, and one of the most important personalities in the catholic world.

It is the first time that a personality of such importance in the Christian world analyzes, with so much erudite, the decisive influence of Zarathustra’s thought on the Judeo-Christian religions and more broadly on the world.
This historical and exceptionally important document, both in terms of content and quality of the speaker, curiously, had been remained up to now unknown among the public.
The European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies has the privilege to discover and to publish this document
In this speech, that courage and erudition are joined, the Cardinal wipes out 2000 years of misunderstanding of the catholic world towards Zarathustra.
Dr. Khosro Khazai (Pardis)
This booklet exists in three languages :
English, Persian and French.
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